Establishing Your Business Brand

business-brandHere is a list, not in order, of just some of the most recognizable and popular brands that have been created to entice customers. What do they make you feel of think of?

  • Coca-Cola
  • Apple
  • Google
  • Nike
  • McDonalds
  • Starbucks
  • Gucci
  • Disney
  • Mercedes Benz
  • Target

Each logo has its own unique characteristics that make it attractive on its own. No matter how attractive your logo is you also have to build an emotional connection with you customer in order to make your brand really stick in the consumer’s mind. How exactly do you go about creating or building that connection?

  1. Designing Your Logo- The first thing you have to do before you have a brand is to have a logo to build your brand upon. When thinking of designing a logo ask yourself this question, How do I want my audience to feel when they see my logo? For example if you are a luxury brand like Apple or Mercedes Benz your logo wants to make customers feel elegant and special. Research which emotions they associate building-your-brandwith certain colors, fonts, and shapes to make the optimal logo.  If you are a retailer for example you want to have a circular logo with colors that institute positivity and trust and an easy to read font. This is what Target used as their strategy and they are one of the most popular retailers today.
  2. Have a Brand Identity- Your logo is almost worth nothing if you don’t have an identity to associate with it. You have to associate not only your logo with certain emotions you have to also have to make your stores, website, and actions associate with those emotions. One thing you can do to build a brand identity is to attach a catchphrase. If you decide to create a catchphrase to go with your logo like McDonalds, “I’m Lovin’ It,” Coca-Cola’s, “Open Happiness,” or Nike’s, “Just Do It,” you need to make sure that your catchphrase associates well with your logo. For  example if Nike had a catchphrase such as, Volkswagen’s, “Think small,” or Sony’s, “Make Believe” people would think that Nike’s shoes and athletic apparel are low quality and hence wouldn’t buy them. Design your stores and website around the message you want to convey to viewers. A great example is Apple’s stores and websites. The stores are like no other and the website is so fluid and easy to navigate. This is exactly what Apple wants you to associate with their products as well. Finally, another thing to do is to participate in interviews, community events, and other actions that will help promote your brand in consumers eyes.
  3. Have a Target Audience- You need to know who you are marketing to in order to create an effective marketing strategy. For example if Gucci creates a marketing target-audiencestrategy saying that they have low prices then nobody would buy it because the people who spend outrageous amounts on clothes and accessories are people who don’t care about prices. Not to mention lower prices might make a luxury brand such as Gucci appear less valuable to the consumer.

Creating your business brand is so important in all aspects of your business. From your website to your logo and everything in between.  Your business brand carries with it what your business is and what should be associated with it!