Online Chat Benefits for Your Business

We have talked about the benefits of a website for your business and why it is so web-chatimportant in today’s online world. And how not only do you need to have a webiste for your business, you also need to make sure it stands up to your competitors sites. With the hustle and bustle of everyday life and the internet at people’s fingertips they are in search for the services or businesses that they need and they want results quick. That being said, how does adding an online chat option to your website add benefit to your business and what exactly does online chat services mean? For starters online or web chat is a system that uses web interfaces to allow potential customers or those visiting youor site to chat in real time.

Benefits of Live Chat

Increase Sales- Live chat can increase your sales by increasing conversions rates and allowing for 6000% ROI. In fact a Garage door installation and repair company decided to add a live chat feature to their website and saw a giant increase in sales in the first 2 months. By craeting an outlet that instantly allows them to speak with your team in real time customers are more likely finalize the transation.

Manage Expenses- Live chat has been proven to be less of an expense to the business than an actual phone call. Studies have shown that providing live chat customer service is up to 30% more cost effective than having a phone support team.

Perferred Communication- Live chat has also been shown to be the number one online-chat-benefitschoice in communication with a business by customers. By providing instant access to your knowledgable staff customers feel as if there questions and concerns are answered immediatly. This in turn creates a relationship between you and the potential client!

Competitive- Believe it or not even with live chat software being easily installed and accessible many companies even large ones do not use it! In fact out of 1000 large compaies only 9% utilize one live chat capabilities. This means that you have a huge advantage over your competition! The garage door company we’ve referred to has in fact created a competitive advantage with their competition by having their web designer install live chat on their website. In doing so they have also created customer loyalty. Take that competition!

Outreach Capabilities- The graet thing about online chat is that not only can your website visitors and poetntial consumers reach you, you can reach theam as well! With monitoring and tracking capabilities provided in online chat software your team is able to initiate converstaions with webiste visitors and over help before they even decide to click the chat button. This can greatly increase your lead converisons as well.

Analytics- Many of the live chat softwares available allow for you to create reports and track analytics. Meaning you can see how many people initiated a chat on your site and also how many if any chats were ignored by your support team. This can help to improve overall customer communication and service. With a traditional phone call you are less likely or bale to track the metrics needed to help imprive any downfalls. We all know the greater customer service the more retuen clients you will have as well as the fact that there is a greater chance yoour business or services will be reccommended by them to someone else.

While online chat may not be for everyones business it is worth looking into see if it  is right for yours. If you are in a cometitive market chances are not only will it benefit your company bt it will also set you apart from your comeptition as well.