DIY Website Builders

Today, if you business doesn’t have a website you might as well not even compete asDIY-website-builder it is the main way to get your business name out there today. You can have all the advertisements online but if you don’t have a website to link to then people have no info on your business and will choose another business, as we talked about in a previous post. People reflect their views of the website onto the business so if your website is poorly designed then people are going to think your business is poorly managed. What if you want to design your own website but you have no experience in buying a domain or designing a website! Thankfully, there are companies that have come along that are here to help you along the way to make sure you have a professional and stylish website that will guarantee to increase traffic and sales to your business. Check out our list of DIY website builders!


If you’ve ever seen any YouTube video, you’ve likely seen an ad for Wix. This is the most popular website builder and for good reason. This company offers a ton of powerful features combined with an easy to use interface even your grandma could learn to use! A super minimalist interface makes sure you won’t get lost or confused. This includes ability to import media from various sources and get help whenever you get stuck. Cost vary anywhere from $11-$29 per month.


This website builder advertises on YouTube a lot as well, but it has an interface that takes some time to get to know unlike other website builders. It offers similar features to powerful website builders giving you a ton of features. Prices range from $14-$42 per month and there is only a 2 week free trial available.


This website builder is one of the few that offers a free version. While this free version is severely limited and not recommended to anyone looking to build a serious website. But it is great for learning the fundamentals of the site while not worrying about having to pay. It has the same abilities as Wix although some say it is not as user friendly but if you can operate a smartphone you shouldn’t get lost. Costs for paid versions vary from $5-$25 per month.


This site builder is different as it gives you the most template options as well as giving you unlimited bandwidth and no storage limits on ALL of its plans. You also get free domain hosting as well as great speed and excellent customer support. However, others still offer more in terms of customization overall. Cost go from $7.68-$18.45 per month although now they are doing a half off promotion on all of its plans.

Other Website Builders

  • Site123
  • GoDaddy
  • Jimdo
  • Duda
  • Gator Website Builder
  • Strikingly
  • 1&1 Ionos
  • WordPress (The DIY option)