Standing Out As A Small Business

We have focused a lot of articles on the importance of branding your business and the graphics that go along with it. From your business logo to your website there are numerous avenues that help to shape your business and get your business brand and message across to the masses. While it is important for all businesses to differentiate and stand out in any niche you may be in, it is even more so important to develop your graphics and brand for those in an extremely competitive niche such as Solar Power.

Solar energy has only gained momentum as the years go by. Now with “Going Green” and the extra consciousness that consumers have when it comes to sustainable products and renewable energy the solar market is only continuing to grow. In fact, in the last decade alone we have seen a 60% annual growth rate in the solar industry. And with large solar corporations monopolizing the market it is even harder for small to medium size solar businesses to gain a footing amongst their bigger competition. Renewable Energy Services Inc. is a small solar company based in Hawaii, has struggled to stay relevant when put up against the bigger solar companies also available out there. With the tropical sunshine and warm weather year-round, coupled with the higher costs of living, solar power is a hot commodity and is sought after by many. In order to stay afloat in our economy and continue to progress as a business Renewable Energy Inc. had to find a way to differentiate their services and products from those bigger companies. By following these basic guidelines they have been able to make a name for themselves and have begun to grow in terms of revenue and employees needed to run their daily operations.

Engage Consumers Digitally- The # one way that consumers make buying decisions is by researching their products or services sought or by asking questions. When it comes to solar power there is a lot to understand and become educated before investing in the power of the sun. Displaying an easy to navigate website with top of the line graphics simplifies things for the searching consumer and creates an avenue to your business for them to go down that may not have been readily available otherwise. 

Social Media Presence- While not everyone is a social media platform user the majority of the population is. Establishing your brand and creating a social media presence can help you to reach a greater amount of potential consumers while also putting your brand, product or services out there. With the use of polished graphics and a refined digital marketing strategy, your social media platform turns into one of the best digital marketing tools available. Use It!

Be Available- While having well placed and creative graphics along with branding knowledge and strategies help to market your product/service, it is also very important that you make yourself available. Solar energy as we mentioned before can be a bit confusing when trying to first make buying decisions or deciding if it’s right for you. Then you have the on grid off grid choices and what kind of solar equipment you want to invest in. By making it easy for consumers to ask questions and receive answers you are creating a level of trust with a potential client. Adding chat features on your site as we have discussed before, quote forms, call to action bottoms and the right content can make or break your solar business.

While standing out from the bigger competition in your industry may seem impossible, it is also doable. Just keep in mind the graphics and marketing strategy you choose has a lot to do with your overall success. So, refine it, polish it and get your name out there!